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What just ain't so:

  • "Social Security is in crisis; it is headed for bankruptcy."
  • "For young people, SS just won’t be there for them when they retire."
  • "The Social Security Trust Fund surplus is just a pile of worthless IOUs for money that the government has collected and already spent; it will renege on them rather than paying them back when due."
  • "Because everything the gov’t administers is inefficient, the gov’t paying for health care would be far less efficient than paying via private health insurance companies. "
  • "Clinton reversed the trend and moved the US budget from big deficits to big surpluses."
  • "It is well established that tax cuts increase government revenue."
  • "Free markets and free trade make everyone better off because they increase GNP and “a rising tide lifts all boats.”

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July 05, 2010


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Helge Nome

The reason why the burgeoning debt is ignored is quite simple:
There are just too many ostriches around.

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