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What just ain't so:

  • "Social Security is in crisis; it is headed for bankruptcy."
  • "For young people, SS just won’t be there for them when they retire."
  • "The Social Security Trust Fund surplus is just a pile of worthless IOUs for money that the government has collected and already spent; it will renege on them rather than paying them back when due."
  • "Because everything the gov’t administers is inefficient, the gov’t paying for health care would be far less efficient than paying via private health insurance companies. "
  • "Clinton reversed the trend and moved the US budget from big deficits to big surpluses."
  • "It is well established that tax cuts increase government revenue."
  • "Free markets and free trade make everyone better off because they increase GNP and “a rising tide lifts all boats.”

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March 04, 2008


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Ken Moyes

The post is great. The Bill H.R. 676 is also great with one exception. It takes too severe of an overhaul on an entire segment of the insurance industry. Find ways to utilize the industry to do the administration that the government would handle poorly anyway. Doing this will help the bulk of the overhaul have a chance of passing. Control the insurance companies with limits and guidelines similar to Medicare. Use the industry to work with the Government to hold down prices through negotiated charges for care.

I am going to add this blog to the blogroll at my site.

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